About Us


Our Programming

In our programming we showcase Djs from around the world. We also showcase up and coming Indie Artist from all around.


Some Of Our Shows

The following are some of our Djs to look for: 

  • Dj Doc Smoov
  • Dj Mya
  • Dj HeavLuv
  • Dj Raver
  • Dj Rob Mac
  • Dj K-Nikki
  • Dj DeePoise
  • Dj Butter
  • DJ Loski
  • DJ Majik
  • DJ Meltz


The Mission of Our Station

The mission of our station is to play the best mixes from Djs that love the culture of music and to help promote new Indie artist and to have a platform to be heard.

94.5 the blaze


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